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Dr Daniel Fleming Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgeon Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Dr Daniel Fleming Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Daniel Fleming Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgeon

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Breast Augmentation with Dr Daniel Fleming, Brisbane

Incision Site for Breast Implants

The options are in the fold underneath the breast, around the nipple, under the arm or (for saline implants only) via the tummy button. Each approach has its pros and cons and usually a doctor will have a preferred site. Because saline implants are inserted empty and then filled, they need a smaller incision (about 3cm long) compared with silicone implants, which are inserted already filled. The size of the incision for silicone depends on the size of the implant and ranges from 4.5cms to 6.5cms. Typically, scars from implants heal well and should ultimately be a fine, white, barely visible line. The photo shows an incision under the breast in a silicone implant patient six months after her procedure with Dr Fleming.

Placement of breast implants

Working from the inside out, on top of the ribs are the chest muscles or ‘pecs’. On top of these is the breast tissue then a layer of fat, then the skin. Implants can be placed either under the chest muscles or in front of them but still behind the breast tissue. Since in both cases the implant is behind the breast tissue there should be no interference with subsequent breast-feeding. There are advantages and disadvantages with both placement sites. For example, a saline implant in front of the muscle is more likely to have visible rippling than if placed behind. This is because if it is behind the muscle there is more of the patient’s own tissue between the implant and the skin to conceal it. This is especially important in thin women with the saline implants. An implant placed under the muscle will generally have a more gradual ‘take off’ at the top edge of the implant giving a smoother silhouette and minimising the very round tennis ball appearance often seen on TV’s Baywatch. Some patients benefit from a special technique called "dual plane" in which the implants are placed half under and half in front of the muscle.

Dr Fleming offers all types of placements and will listen carefully to the description of the look you want and advise on which placement will be most likely to give it.

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